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Photographer  |  Post-Producer
Reggio Emilia (IT)

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They called me “Andrea” and they would have done it regardless of my male or female birth.

I was born in the province of Reggio Emilia (Italy), during a rainy day (or so I like to imagine) way back in nineteen-85.

Just six months before the Chernobyl disaster.
But it wasn’t me. I swear.

I grew up with good friends in a street that seemed endless.
With a soccer ball, a bicycle stolen to grandma, role-playing games and so much imagination.

Growing up, everything has changed.

Those good ol’ friends are always here but our street does not seem so endless anymore.
The soccer ball has turned into an iMac, the stolen bicycle has transformed into a big, heavy Nikon (legally bought, of course), the games have become much more complex.

Like everyone, then, I have sought my way; in an attempt to transform a strong passion into a profession.

And here I am, in the end, with a professional identity within the world of image and communication.

As a photographer and post-producer, full-time, at Terzo Piano,
as a contributor to the iStockphoto world market,
as a geek that likes passing time in the dark room when not sleeping.

This is me:

the result of having too much imagination, clear ideas, good friends

and a bit of radioactive rain of Chernobyl.

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Creative design
Graphic layout
Pre-press and colour management